OneCoach is a professional resume writing company and prepares your resume from a recruiter’s perspective. Most importantly, many candidates have used our services and believed that the custom-made resumes reveal their full strengths and potentials to help them to find their first job confidently or get a career promotion effectively.

OneCoach also provides a wide range of career development advisory and interviewing skills coaching to current university students, graduates and candidates with many years of work experience who are thinking of stepping up in their current employment or making a tactical career change and further study.

If you puzzle for what to wear to an interview, OneCoach is pleased to offer appearance and interview attire recommendations to you. You would be surprised that seasoned hiring managers look at many details which you hardly ever pay attention to. The way that you dress determines what people think about you. We help you to "looking your best for work".


How do you make a good first impression to people on paper? A résumé is a summary of your work experience, education credentials, skills and achievements prepared specially to apply for a certain job. Think of it as your essential personal marketing tool to your admired prospective employers. Remember, a résumé is an indispensable key to open door to a phone call, a job interview and finally a successful and promising offer.